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Be BOLD, Go Bright!

Summer is almost here and now is the time to pick a bold statement for your home! The warmer months bring on bright, exciting colors and textures. When selecting the right materials and colors, it’s easy to get a pretty and practical room. Here’s a few of my favorite things to add a little pop […]

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Knoxville Best Summer Ever Activities

The Best Summer Ever, 2.0

If you want to make a truly great summer, create a summertime theme for your kids. Here’s a theme I’m quite partial to: Make Something Monday, Taste Something Tuesday, Wonder Somewhere Wednesday, Do Something Thoughtful Thursday, and Family Fun Friday (borrowed from here with a list of other great summer ideas).  Out and about Cruze […]

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Making an Outside Space a Favorite Place!

Making an Outside Space a Favorite Place!

   Finally, warm spring weather is here! It’s the perfect time to add a couple of accessories to an outdoor space for the long days of outside play and firefly catching nights. Here are a few ways to make your outdoor space a favorite place: Select an indoor/outdoor rug. These types of rugs are made to […]

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For the love of Aprons

For the Love of Aprons

The Problem? It’s after dinner: leftovers are being compiled into containers, counters wiped down, and dishes rinsed and put in the dishwasher. You look down, and there’s a giant stain and a big blob of dish soap on your favorite top. You run past your family, grab a new shirt, and head to the laundry […]

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Making the {DREAM} Bed

Bedrooms are sanctuaries. After a long day, the bed is a welcome rest. Making the bed beautiful is a way to ensure better sleep and promote well-being. Are you ready to create the bed of your dreams? Here are a few important tips: Start with the foundation. Invest in a good mattress. The quality of […]

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