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Pattern Play: Inspiration for Your Space

A beautiful mix of patterns in magazines and Pinterest are often the thing of dreams, but adding pattern to your personal space can sometimes be a daunting task. How much pattern is too much? What will clash? The key elements to remember are scale, proportion and balance. Repeating colors in patterns will also help link […]

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I’m Ready for Fixer Upper to be Over

I can’t remember when exactly I started watching Fixer Upper, but I was pretty immediately hooked on it. I loved Joanna’s design style and I loved watching the sweet couple’s witty banter with each other. Most of all, I think I loved the concept of investing in a truly ugly, sometimes condemned-looking house and renovating […]

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Christmas Craft Gifts for Littles

Christmas Craft Gifts for Littles

Christmas is right around the corner, and we’re still ambling along in all the festivities we want to participate in before it arrives. While I was actually on top of getting presents bought, wrapped, shipped and hidden, I forgot one little change this year. My kids are older. It’s time to start teaching them the […]

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Six Christmas Traditions

6 Christmas Traditions that Grow with Your Family

I’m a sentimental kind of lady. I’m also a hoarder. Such a dangerous combination with children in my home. The holidays are next level when it comes to hoarding memories. I want to save every popsicle stick craft, hand print Santa, torn paper chain, construction paper wreath, gingerbread house, Christmas cookie, candy cane…I quickly spiral […]

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DIY Framed Canvas Sign (2)

DIY Framed Canvas Sign

The first I want to tell you before getting into the details of this project, is that the instructions are more time consuming than they look. The first time I did this I thought, “Wow, I’m literally never doing this again!” and then I have proceeded to make more of these signs. So, don’t let […]

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