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Take the Trip

Take the Trip

{Disclaimer: I am no financial expert, nor am I giving you financial advice. This is strictly my opinion and life lesson. You do you, girl.} Money is a hot topic that some feel like they should not discuss. It can cause, and has caused, disturbances in marriages and among families. It is often a worry […]

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Mom Makeup Routine

5 Minute Mom Makeup Routine

Ok, y’all. This is my go-to five minute makeup routine that I can easily throw on, still feel fresh, and show my face in public! I try and use as many drugstore products because HELLOOOOO we are on a budget. If you only take away one thing from this post, that would be to MOISTURIZE, […]

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Stop Wasting Your Life at the Grocery Store

Stop Wasting Your Life at the Grocery Store: Why Grocery PickUp is the Best Thing Ever

Once upon a time, I was a young mother with three little bitties who planned her life around grocery shopping. Each week, I would scour Pinterest and allrecipies.com as I made out my meal plan and the Almighty List. Then, on whatever day I could muster up the energy, I would pack the diaper bag with […]

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