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As your child develops and shows signs of learning new vocabulary, don't simply read the books - ask questions about what you are reading! For example when reading about baby's tummy in All of Baby Nose to Toes, ask your child "what did you put in your tummy today?"

Six Skills Your Child Needs to Learn to Read {Guest Blogger}

Since the last post in this series of reading with your child, I hope you have found small ways to make reading a priority and a pleasant experience for your little ones. With the growing demands for children entering kindergarten, perhaps you have pondered the questions of “how best to prepare your child to read.” […]

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Back to School Traditions

You may or may not be ready to see the end of summer break, but there’s no denying the anticipation and excitement that this time of year brings. The start of a new school year has its own set of fun adventures. Now is a great time to build memories with simple back to school traditions that […]

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Summer Fun for Kids Five and Under

  As a mother with three kids who are all 5 or younger, I’m always on the lookout for outings and events perfect for little ones. Knoxville certainly isn’t lacking in fun places for its youngest residents. If you are looking for exciting, enriching summer outings that are age appropriate for babies, toddlers, or preschoolers, here’s a great […]

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2014 Summer Reading Programs

“Life’s a journey. Make sure you pack enough books.” -Author Unknown Let the world of books take you and your children on an exciting journey this summer! As a former educator, the number one question I was asked by the parents of my students was, “What can I do to help my child in school?” The answer is simple–make […]

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Summer Reading, Summer Fun!

Summer is here! As the long, lazy days stretch out before us, some of us may find ourselves asking “How in the world are the kids and I going to entertain ourselves all day?” Never fear! I am here to help. Why not combine my two favorite summer things – the Knox County Library’s summer […]

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Toddler Approved Girl Books

Even though my daughter is now 6 1/2, we still have some of her most beloved toddler books on her bookshelf and now she is able to read some of them on her own! We are excited to share a few of our faves for your Friday: Some of our favorite toddler books that have […]

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