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5 Questions to Help Your Child Resolve Conflict the Right Way

5 Questions to Help Your Child Resolve Conflict the Right Way

As we begin a new school year, you will invariably start hearing the stories from your child: At lunch, Mary sat with Brittany instead of me. Brad pushed me at recess. We got in a fight, and we aren’t friends anymore. How do you equip your child to navigate major and minor conflicts at school […]

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Students learn to recognize cognates in order to expand their vocabulary in the second language.

The Benefits of Studying World Languages at a Young Age

As a Spanish teacher, I’ve often heard parents say they wish they remembered more from their high school world language course. Parents instinctively know that kids’ brains soak up a second language more quickly and efficiently than their adult minds. Not only do school-aged children excel at learning a second language, but research has also […]

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Must-Have Back to School Supplies

Must-Have Back to School Supplies + Free Printables

At Knoxville Moms Blog we are chock-full of strong opinions, and these opinions carry over to our school supplies preferences as well. I polled our contributors, particularly our contributors who are also teachers, to learn what they love as they head back to school. Check out some of our favorites below, starting with the basics:  […]

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The School Counselor: The One Person at Your Child’s School You Should Know

In just a few days our children will start a new school year. Some will be going to school for the first time, others will be transitioning to a new school. As parents, we want to ensure our children have a successful school year. We buy school supplies, familiarize ourselves with the school’s procedure and […]

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