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Whole 30(1)

Whole 30: Pressing RESET on Your Health

Whole 30. So you’ve heard the buzz, but what is this “diet” that everyone is talking about? ::Insert eye roll here:: Surely it’s just another ridiculous program, right?! Think again sister! This 30 day program eliminates common food allergens (grains, dairy, refined sugars, legumes and alcohol) and focuses on real, unprocessed food to help create […]

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Food Safety for the Holidays

Food Safety for the Holidays

During the fall many people begin to look forward to cooler temperatures, spectacular colors and celebrating the holidays with family and friends. Unfortunately, the holidays are a time when food-allergic patients must practice extra caution. By Dr. Phil Jones with The Allergy, Asthma & Sinus Center Peanuts are found in many popular treats and seasonal […]

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The Seasons and Allergies of Knoxville {Sponsored Post}

Are you moving to Knoxville? If so your biggest questions are most likely what are the best school districts, where should we live, and who are the best doctors. Knoxville is known for our seasons. They yield beautiful views, a diverse range of temperatures, and a wide selection of complementary outdoor activities; but we’re also […]

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dairy free strawberry pound cake with logo

Dairy-Free Strawberry Pound Cake

Here’s a scrumptious recipe that is perfect for strawberry season! It’s a dairy-free pound cake baked with fresh strawberries in the batter. I made this particular cake dairy-free to accommodate my son who has a severe milk allergy, but I’ve listed some modifications you can do to the recipe if that isn’t a concern for your […]

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The Look on Her Face: Creating Joy for Friends with Food Allergies

The day was perfect.  Leaves blowing in a cool fall breeze.  The bounce house bright and inviting.  An array of games and toys scattered over the parking lot. And oh, the kids! Kicking leaves.  Bouncing until their cheeks were red.  Bubble solution coating their fingers, their faces, and the ground. As we herded them over […]

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