Call Me Old-Fashioned: Why You Should Still Buy a Newspaper

Call Me Old-Fashioned

Yes, go ahead and call me old-fashioned, but I read the newspaper. Perhaps it’s the journalist in me (I majored in journalism in college). Perhaps it is just as much a morning ritual as drinking my coffee. Maybe it was my grandparents’ influence on me; all those years that I observed them sipping coffee in their robes, rustling the pages of the paper.

I understand that in today’s world a lot of our news comes from our Facebook feeds or online newspapers. My husband and I still read articles on our smartphones, but we also subscribe to our local newspaper. It’s important for not only us, but also for our children. Obviously, there has to be a screening process, but there are sections of the newspaper that my children enjoy. Our oldest son would rather pick up a newspaper than an actual book, and we are cool with that. As long as he is reading, we don’t mind.

Here are five reasons you need to subscribe:

1. Comics

From Garfield to The Family Circus to Classic Peanuts, the comics are just fun. You can take a break from the hard news and chuckle through the various cartoons. My oldest two children love jokes, so they always get a kick out of the comics section. I really think this love of comics will launch my oldest into a genre of books called “graphic novels,” or full-length books laid out similarly to comics in large sequential panels.

2. Sports

This is the other section my oldest son picks up on a regular basis. Since we live in a college town and my husband works in collegiate athletics, my oldest child loves reading the latest about teams and student-athletes. He also enjoys learning about the professional sports world. One of his recent homework assignments was to track the statistics from a team of his choosing, and the sports section helped him complete this assignment.

3. Coupons

Okay. I know, I know. Digital coupons are just easy. You could save even more money though if you took 10 minutes to swipe through the coupon inserts each Sunday and file them for your upcoming grocery trip. Again, this is me being old-fashioned, but there’s something about cutting the coupons and organizing them. I don’t do this as much as I used to, but it does help keep down a grocery bill.

4. Mini Page

I cannot say enough great things about this section. It is like a hidden gem in a newspaper. Not only is there an article related to a theme (most recently African American history), but there are also games, recipes, and other resources (books, Web sites, etc.) related to the topic that is covered. This page can be found in the Sunday paper. Teachers, there’s even a blurb in there for you!

5. Community Events/Involvement

I really love being engaged in the community in which I live. I might not go to every event, but at least I am aware of them. The only way I know about and get tickets to concerts and events sometimes is by scanning sections of the newspaper, such as Go Knoxville, which appears in the paper each Friday. In it you can find events around town, reviews of music and movies, and feature articles about talent that sweeps through our town. The Life section also lists events. Most recently I learned that Eva Schloss, Anne Frank’s stepsister, was coming to town to speak. While all of the above can be found on the Internet, it’s always fun to have a hard copy.

Have I convinced you to subscribe to your local newspaper yet? We are so glad that we do! I know that times are changing, but I hope that there will always be a newspaper to read at my kitchen table in the morning.

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