Birth Story in Haiku

Birth Story

I gave up my dreams of being a poet a long time ago. That is the real point of this post. I used to be tapped into that part of my brain. Everything was poetry. Somewhere along the way, I let my inner critics drown that part of me.

Now, everything is poetry for my little one. He says things all the time that encourage me to slow down and see the beauty and honesty of a situation. Unbeknownst to him, he has inspired me to think again…to not tune out and just go through the motions. Be here. Be now.

This year at Christmas, my husband gave me a manual typewriter. I thought how quaint and when am I going to find time. The message was clear though: start writing! Serendipitously, around that time, Sarah with KMB shared the call new for writers. Writing for KMB is my outlet now.

April is National poetry month. Although this month is over, I have tried to muster up the courage to write creatively again.

I searched for inspiration. I reconnected with Adrienne Rich and Louise Glück. I found some new female poets such as Rachel Zucker. I also found a recent blog post from Lacey Samuel with our Nashville, TN sister site who wrote a haiku about her experiences with parenthood. Through my research, I have come to the conclusion that there is not a lot of published poetry written by mothers about birth.

Following is my best attempt to right that wrong and hopefully start a trend.

Birth Story in Haiku

 I. Nature

I was scared to push

for so long labored breathing

deep howling, eyes closed


My body shaking

afraid to lose my bowels

release and burning


Raw beautiful birth

wet blue bruised head is forced out

hat quickly placed on


I did not notice

fingers, toes, crying-all there

I opened my eyes


II. Nurture

I play James Brown songs

in the late light early morning

your new heart rhythmic


Every word chosen

I talk to you all the time

you hear tones and lilt


I carefully give

the best gifts of my mother

songs, stories, pretend


I have a mantra:

be kind, thoughtful, and funny

this can take you far


Not even aged

your sneaky eyes familiar

soon you will test me


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