The Best Summer Ever, 2.0

If you want to make a truly great summer, create a summertime theme for your kids. Here’s a theme I’m quite partial to: Make Something Monday, Taste Something Tuesday, Wonder Somewhere Wednesday, Do Something Thoughtful Thursday, and Family Fun Friday (borrowed from here with a list of other great summer ideas). 

Out and about

Hanging around the house

  • Reinvent their imagination with a kid-friendly podcast before bedtime
  • Three words: squirt gun painting
  • Make some flubber
  • Water balloons for endless fun, including water balloon dodge ball or hang a line of them as piñatas
  • Laundry basket skeeball and other great indoor activities
  • Turn off all the lights during a storm, light some candles and have a throwback to how it was when you were a kid and the power went out
  • Have a silly makeover day. Buy some cheap temporary hair color spray and temporary tattoos and dress crazy
  • Let your kids set up a lemonade stand (or something else fun) and allow them to use the money raised to buy a new book, toy or movie
  • Tie dye some t-shirts and buy some cheap flip flops to decorate to match
  • Order some bath bombs
  • Make a kite and then fly it
  • Dig out the empty Easter eggs, put some glow sticks inside of them and have a glow in the dark Easter egg hunt
  • Run, don’t walk to your nearest KARM and buy some board games for a family game night! (I recently bought three versions of Scene It!, two of which were brand new, for $13)
  • Create a legendary slip and slide with foam, whipped cream, paint, add some bowling pins, etc. The options are endless
  • Outdoor lawn games (think giant Jenga blocks, giant checkers, spray painted twister circles on the lawn or corn hole)
  • Make your own sundae party and then settle in for a ’90s Retro Movie Night
  • Have a bonfire, roast some marshmallows, and bring out the sparklers
  • A neighborhood scavenger hunt ending with a summer piñata
  • Show your kids some Pinterest projects and let them pick the art activity of their choice
  • Make a fun summer art snack, edible art with toothpicks, and let the kids chow down after they are done! Or better yet, break out the popsicles and turn the leftover sticks into an art project
  • Have an indoor picnic

Which summer activities are on your list? Share with us by leaving a comment!

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