Baby+Co.: From Preconception to Pediatrics

At Baby+Company, we’re more than just a place to give birth. We prepare expectant families for labor, delivery, and caring for a newborn by providing education and support.

Baby+Co: From Preconception to Pediatrics

Our certified nurse midwives do more than just deliver babies – they support mothers throughout their pregnancies to be empowered to make the best choices for themselves.

We believe in a treating the whole person who is in our care – ensuring each client gets what they need physically and emotionally – and that pregnant women need the support of their community during and after their pregnancy. That’s why we provide prenatal classes for both clients and non-clients including:

  • Childbirth education
  • Newborn class
  • Breastfeeding class
  • Events/workshops such as prenatal fitness, infant CPR, maternity photo shoots, pelvic floor workshops, and social gatherings.

But it’s even more than that – our certified nurse midwives can provide preconception counseling before you even try to get pregnant. We offer well woman services and our visits are an hour long with each patient, to ensure you get the care you need and feel comfortable asking the midwife questions.

Baby+Co: From Preconception to Pediatrics

Maggie Quinn, pediatric nurse practitioner, and Maria Lopez, medical assistant, are welcoming new clients to Baby+Company’s pediatrics program.

Once you have your baby, we can continue to provide services, including:

  • Home consultations with an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant
  • A “New Moms Group” that provides education on important postpartum and newborn topics; a “Your Older Baby” class for babies 6-12 months old; and a class on “Making Returning to Work Work”
  • Fun events and classes such as Babywearing 101, Infant Massage, breastfeeding photoshoots, Infant Developmental Movement, and more!

We also have a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner on staff who can see children up to 12 years old for well and sick visits. If you have your baby at the center, you can choose this option for your child’s care from their birth, and they can have their visits at the same, familiar place where you have yours. But you can also take advantage of our pediatric services even if you didn’t birth with us – we are taking new pediatric clients of all ages!  

Baby+Co: From Preconception to Pediatrics

Many clients choose to see us for their prenatal care, and continue on to use our pediatric program because they enjoy the sense of community at Baby+Co.

Our pediatric well visits are 30 minutes long because we want to take the time to work with each family to create an individualized approach to each child’s care. We listen to parents, and provide evidence-based education so they can make informed decisions about how their child should be treated. If your child is sick, we have same-day appointments so they can be treated quickly.

Partners are also an important part of our model of care – pregnant women have three group visits, and three one-on-one visits during their pregnancy. Their partners are invited to come to all of those visits, as well as to prenatal classes and events.

We’re even building a Dads Program that includes a “New Dads Class” as well as monthly outings such as hikes and indoor climbing.

Our motto, “A modern birth center. Built on evidence. Delivered with care.” isn’t something we say lightly – we know that using the latest in evidence-based research to provide clients with the care, support, and education they need will lead to better outcomes for mothers, children, and families. If you’re interested in learning more about our services, call us at 865-264-2080, or visit our website.

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