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The Beautiful Laugh

The Beautiful Laugh || The Beautiful Life

The time has come when o’dark thirty loiters incessantly around your doorstep at the hours well before 6:00, leaving you in an absolute panic that you are, in fact, not yet neck-deep under the covers with the dishwasher timer set, the sound machine chumming, and the Rodan & Fields smothered in excess all about your face. You’re frantic rushing off to […]

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Fall Looks: Fashion Edition

Feeling good as those crispy whispers of gold and garnet and fiery coral cascade down around you. That’s what fashion is all about. Fall is here, and there’s no better time to pick up a look book of what’s seasonally trending. Fall looks are about layers. Piling all kinds of warm and happy on just […]

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Quick Workouts for Moms

There are various motives as to why we exercise. Many women use this expenditure of calories for stress relief. A getaway of sorts from the grind and gristle of daily life. Those hangnails like the washing machine quitting mid-spin, the overdraft fee of a check you thought had cleared, or the eleventy-nine choruses of “Mom, I’m […]

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strawberry recipes

Strawberry Recipes

The month of May brings forth THE red fruit. The one we dip in chocolate. The juicy we pluck from vines and plop into our mouths as we pick. Fresh strawberry season has always been a favorite of mine since I was just a little girl. There’s something outstanding about this fruit arriving to us […]

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Top 7 Spring Fashion Trends

Spring is here. And there’s nothing quite like a fresh look book to sluff off old man winter and run like those powdery dandelion whiskers as they float equal parts carefree and crazy into those golden hued meadows of warmth. Fashion can do this for you. It can trump those green tinted legs that you’ve […]

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you are lovely

The Power of a Podcast: 5 Reasons Moms Need To Listen In

A cleaner home, a more efficient way of grocery shopping, what to say to your child when the bullies lurk, and how to manage a marriage when you can’t even find the match to at least half of the socks in your laundry heap. These are real issues. They’re as authentic as income taxes and […]

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whitechocolatepeppermint fudge

Fudging Christmas: a Recipe & a Feeling

Sleigh bells, hot cocoa and snow covered sunny seventy degree East Tennessee hills, the time for merry is nestled and now. Moments are moving around us for this very adjective. Parades, twinkle lights, boisterous shopping crowds are the everyday happenings we so familiarly claim as our December. ‘Tis this very season for heaping cupfuls plopped […]

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Dancing with the devil, Everyday our feet tap out patterns as we glide, He boasts of his hand fitting so nicely, ’round my waist as we sway from side to side. With him, my dance card is always full, Never to my likings though, I stomp. I pout. I don’t wanna. But our audience demands that […]

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