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Baby Sitter Envy

I have “baby sitter envy.” Recently, I read this sweet (ahem, naive) article about how baby sitter envy is when a parent feels as if they will miss their baby’s milestones when someone else is caring for their child, that their baby will get attached to the baby sitter and not them, or that their […]

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Teach Kids Coding: A Conversation with CodeTN

For families with pre-teens and high school students, coding is becoming popular. Coding is a not a craze or a fad though. It is no longer geeky, foreign, and just for the elite. In my opinion, coding should be a second language for future generations and cross gender and socioeconomic boundaries. As I watch my […]

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Dining with Children

My husband and I took our 2 ½ year old out for brunch this past weekend. We showed up at a local brunch spot and were immediately treated like we were pariahs. Hostess: Just the two of you? Husband (holding our son): Three of us. Me (thinking about the hostess): Can you see my son? […]

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I am married in a heterosexual relationship. I have a career. I value family. Pssst…guess what? I am a feminist. Yep, me. I don’t fit the “profile.” (See the below L. Nicols comic.) Nevertheless I am a feminist. No lie…there is reluctance in announcing this because I can anticipate the judgment. Being a feminist these days is […]

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Dad Chat

I have been thinking about Father’s Day and realized that my husband and I do not talk much about fatherhood. He is present and parenting like me and I know this has been a change in priorities for him too. Rather than using my notions of fatherhood, I interviewed a few of my favorite dads […]

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