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Dining with Children

My husband and I took our 2 ½ year old out for brunch this past weekend. We showed up at a local brunch spot and were immediately treated like we were pariahs. Hostess: Just the two of you? Husband (holding our son): Three of us. Me (thinking about the hostess): Can you see my son? […]

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I am married in a heterosexual relationship. I have a career. I value family. Pssst…guess what? I am a feminist. Yep, me. I don’t fit the “profile.” (See the below L. Nicols comic.) Nevertheless I am a feminist. No lie…there is reluctance in announcing this because I can anticipate the judgment. Being a feminist these days is […]

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Dad Chat

I have been thinking about Father’s Day and realized that my husband and I do not talk much about fatherhood. He is present and parenting like me and I know this has been a change in priorities for him too. Rather than using my notions of fatherhood, I interviewed a few of my favorite dads […]

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Knoxville Urban Wilderness

Knox Area Urban Wilderness

I love living in Knoxville because we are perfectly situated in a valley surrounded by the mountains and the great outdoors. We are within a short drive and day-trip away from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Big South Fork, Obed Wild and Scenic River, and the Hiwassee River Area (all full of camping, hiking, […]

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