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Our Biggest Regret

Our Biggest Regret

As my husband walked all webble-wobble from the hospital, we almost simultaneously shared our biggest regret, “I wish we would have started earlier. It would have been nice for our fella to have a brother or sister.” We both felt bittersweet relief. Moments before a nurse was nonchalantly holding my husband’s vas deferens while explaining […]

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Mamma’s Favorite Things

Every year the Knoxville Moms Blog has a Favorite Things Party for contributors. I look forward to this holiday get together because it is one of the few times we focus on each other. We do not see each other very often and when we do, we are usually busy hosting the events (which we […]

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Chasing Waterfalls

It is that time of year to get wet and wild! The heat is rising and summer is waning. To help you beat the heat, I have prepared a list of weekend waterfall trips for you, your lover, and maybe the kids (wink). Download some TLC “Waterfalls” and maybe the Beach Boys “Kokomo” and start […]

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Baby Sitter Envy

I have “baby sitter envy.” Recently, I read this sweet (ahem, naive) article about how baby sitter envy is when a parent feels as if they will miss their baby’s milestones when someone else is caring for their child, that their baby will get attached to the baby sitter and not them, or that their […]

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