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Mothers Advocates Activists (2)

Mothers, Advocates, Activists

You get a lot of warnings and well-intentioned advice when you’re expecting, and quite a range, depending on the range of your circle. Everyone’s experiences will paint the words they share with you. Some will ring true for you, some will not. By the time you’re staring down your due date, you feel as though […]

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daredevil daughter

Daredevil Daughter

God help me, child, never will I ever forget that evening. Once we got you safely home from the hospital and tucked ever-so-carefully into your bed, I was up for hours. Staring at the ceiling, trying to un-see it. In the 14 years of raising your feral brother, his ER visits frequent enough that I […]

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On the Outskirts of Town

On the Outskirts of Town: Exploring the Fun Surrounding Knox County in Sevier County {Series}

I’m a Knoxville girl, born and raised. Until high school, that is. The summer before my freshman year, my parents moved us just up the road to Seymour. Sevier County was my home for the next fourteen years, and became home yet again after Branden left the Navy. While it may feel “way out” to […]

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