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As your child develops and shows signs of learning new vocabulary, don't simply read the books - ask questions about what you are reading! For example when reading about baby's tummy in All of Baby Nose to Toes, ask your child "what did you put in your tummy today?"

Six Skills Your Child Needs to Learn to Read {Guest Blogger}

Since the last post in this series of reading with your child, I hope you have found small ways to make reading a priority and a pleasant experience for your little ones. With the growing demands for children entering kindergarten, perhaps you have pondered the questions of “how best to prepare your child to read.” […]

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The Top 10 Best Summer Activities for Your Teen {Guest Blogger}

Parents, it’s never too early to begin brainstorming summer activity suggestions for your teen (especially if you’re worried about them spending three long months lazing on the couch!). Many summer programs include early application deadlines that occur well before springtime, so it’s always a good idea to be scoping out programs in advance. Need some […]

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Become a Goodwill GoodGuide! {Guest Post}

As the marketing coordinator for Goodwill Industries-Knoxville, one of my favorite parts of my job is writing client success stories. Goodwill’s mission is to provide vocational services and employment opportunities for people with barriers to employment, so I have the honor of talking to individuals who overcome a host of personal challenges to complete our […]

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4 Things to Consider Before You Sign Your Child Up for a New Sport or Activity

1. Your child’s interest in participating While they might not really know if they like something until they try, make sure you gauge interest and not just sign up because your neighbor is or because you really wish you had participated in that sport when you were younger. Know what your child likes and what […]

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The Number One Killer of a Mom’s Joy: Are You Making This Mistake? {Guest Post}

She’s a size two, pinning crafts she actually makes with her pre-schoolers, and posting pictures of her and the hubs in a “go-get-a-room” worthy embrace from yet, another, ahh-mazing date night. Meanwhile, you just squeezed back into your first trimester shorts, threw away the pizza box (after saving two slices for dear husband who should […]

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Mommy Time

Mommy Time

OK, I’ll admit it…I recently had the day off and I sent my two-year-old son to his grandparents’ house anyways. It was our normal routine for a Monday, they were anxious to see him and I was tired. Did I feel a little bit guilty about it? YES! But did I enjoy some nice quiet […]

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