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When Mama Needs A Makeover

When I think of makeovers, I tend to associate that with the beginning of the year. A fresh start, a blank slate. But this year, spring is making me think of makeovers–the flowers are blooming again, the grass is getting greener, the days warmer and longer. Now, what are you thinking about when I say […]

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Crafts to Make You Feel Like A Kid Again

Remember the crafts you did as a kid? Crayons, paint, glue, and glitter were mainstays in my craft repertoire as a child. Now I’m sad to admit that Pinterest is my craft of choice. I’m a craft pinning queen, but RARELY ever get around to doing any of them. Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of […]

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Happy National Chili Day

Who made chili last week? I did!! Once I saw the weather was going to be cold and SNOW (but really ice), I made sure chili was on my menu for the week. But did you know that today is National Chili Day? It seems there is a day for everything now, but chili is […]

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Knoxville’s Spring Consignment Sales

The time is once again upon us – spring consignment sale season! Get your shopping baskets ready, ladies! February Jack and Jules Infant through teen clothing, furniture, toys, baby gear, books, games, and more. Feb 26 & 27 (10am-8pm), Feb 28 (10am-4pm, half price) Knoxville Expo Center Heritage Winter Guard Children’s Consignment Sale Benefits the […]

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Valentine’s Day Desserts

I’ve always celebrated Valentine’s Day. When I was younger, it was flowers from my dad and treats from my friends at school. Now, with three small children, we try to do more family things rather than a fancy restaurant dinner. Usually we have something I know the kids love – Chick-fil-A, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pizza, […]

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Outnumbered and Overwhelmed

How many kids do you have?  I have 3 – I’m completely outnumbered, in fact, even when I’m with my husband, we are still outnumbered. And honestly, sometimes this completely overwhelms me. When we decided to have a second child, we had planned on a family of four. When out and about, The Professor and I figured […]

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It’s a Candy Christmas!

One of the lasting memories I have of Christmas is my mom making candy. She spent days in the kitchen whipping up sweet confections. These candies were gifts to my school teachers, Sunday School teachers, my dad’s co-workers (who where high school teachers – see a theme?), and all friends and family whose house we […]

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Trying Not to Compare Twins

How many times have we heard that quote? If you are like me, your Facebook/Twitter/IG accounts are full of blog posts and sayings about not comparing yourself or your children to others you see on the internet. But what about comparing our own children? How are you supposed to turn a blind eye to that? […]

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Coordinated Halloween Costumes

I’m going to admit it. I love coordinated Halloween costumes, especially on the really little ones. They are so cute. And for the past two years, I’ve coordinated the costumes of my twins. Halloween 2012 – Pumpkins & Snow White Halloween 2013 – Garden gnome, flower, & flower fairy princess Below I’ve put together some […]

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