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use this longing at Christmas-time

The Longing of Christmas-time

Longing. A feeling that comes from the deep-rooted desire for something more. People long for different things: less stress, more money, more sleep…the list goes on and on. Children long for the joy of Christmas morning and the splendor of dreams fulfilled in pretty packages nestled under the tree. At the root of all the […]

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A Letter to Moms This Time of Year

A Letter to Moms this Time of Year

 This amazing time of year is my favorite, but it poses some challenges too. I know I can’t pinpoint every scenario of motherhood, but I wrote about a few! Feel free to add more in comments! Enjoy!   To the mom of littles, I know you are creating traditions and buying presents and hanging ornaments […]

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The Adoption Option

The Adoption Option

2012 was a rough year for me. I faced cancer and inevitably the inability to have any more children. You can read more about here. I have two children of my own, one boy and one girl. I am blessed beyond measure that I have my children. Still, the ability to have more kiddos being […]

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When Motherhood Doesn't Go as Planned

When Motherhood Doesn’t Go As Planned

When I first had children, I thought that the early days of motherhood would go a certain way. You know, happily sleep deprived while getting to spend countless hours snuggling and bonding with my newborn. Let me tell you, it was dramatically different for me and although I know mine is an extreme story, I […]

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