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Change. I dare you.

Change…I sigh obnoxiously just typing the word. I know it (it being change) can be a good thing. I know you learn so much about yourself with change. You see the world. Do big things. Maybe even change the world. But boy, oh boy. I hate change. On a side note, don’t tell my four-year-old […]

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Just a Phase

Motherhood is a beautiful mess. So many beautiful incidences fill your days, so much so that there won’t be nearly enough time to capture them all, leaving it all a memory, and so special that it’s your memory. But with those beautiful moments come messy moments too. Messy moments when you question…was parenthood the right […]

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New Year, New Attitude

With the New Year upon us, we have been presented with a new start. Allow this turn of the calendar to act as a wipe for a clean slate. A fresh start if you will. And with this fresh start, have a fresh attitude. The timing may be especially hard coming down off the high […]

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Christmas Roundup

2nd Annual Knoxville Holiday Event Round-up

And you thought fall in Knoxville was good…you just wait! The air has turned cool and crisp. Leaves scatter the ground everywhere you look. Windows are lined with holiday displays. Christmas music spills from every store you enter. It’s here, folks! Tis the season! Knoxville knows how to celebrate the holidays and you are invited […]

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Terrible Twos? Try Threenagers!

Threenager: a person age 3 years old possessing the attitude and demeanor of a teenager.  Threenagers are sneaky. They are smart and creative. And just plain evil. It is mind boggling sometimes to think about the words that spew out of their mouths or to watch their schemes play out. And the sass. Oh the […]

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Fall Fun Festivities 2014

Happy Fall Y’all! Fall is in full swing these days! Leaves are changing, temps are cooling, and my Pumpkin Pecan Waffles candle is burning almost 24/7. I’m beyond excited to pull out my boots and scarves for a fresh take on my daily wardrobe, but I’m having mixed feelings about the whole fall season this […]

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