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Tune in - Our Favorite 90s TV

Must See TV (and Movies!): We Love the ’90s

I recently came across the tail-end of a documentary titled The ’90s: The Last Great Decade and I found myself reminiscing about all the amazing things that I couldn’t live without almost (cough, cough) years ago. From Beanie Babies and the Macarena to Tamagotchis and AOL, that ten-year stretch of time could. not. be. beat. […]

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Last of the Lasts

The Last of the Lasts

This week has been chock full of ‘lasts’ for our family. The last time to pack a lunch, the last day of setting the {early} alarm, the last day of preschool for Emmy, the last day of kindergarten for Collier…but, by far, the most emotional last of the last things for us to do this […]

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Read All About It: Books For Your Beach Bag

I’ve always been a voracious reader and in my younger days, I could easily devour a novel in a single day. Now that things like a job, two hungry kids and a never-ending laundry pile fill my days, I can’t sneak nearly as much time to dive into a book as I used to. And, […]

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The Case for Christmas Cards

Whether you’re a staunch supporter of the “No Christmas until after Thanksgiving” stance, or a “Wow, it’s below 70, let’s decorate” kind of gal, I think we can all agree that there are SO many incredible things about the holidays – the time with family, gifting those YOU love with things THEY love, celebrating all […]

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When Daddy’s the Coach

Last spring, my husband Chris came to me with a wild idea. At that point, he’d been coaching the local middle school baseball team for a couple seasons and was really enjoying it. After meeting many of the parents and proving himself to be one heck of a guy (I’m not biased or anything – ha ha […]

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The Fresh Scrape

The Fresh Scrape

A couple weeks ago, during the normal bedtime circus, my then-just-under-five-year-old, Collier, asked if we could catalog his scabs. Used to these types of bizarre requests, I complied. We began… “This one is from where I fell off my bike…” “This one is from where I slipped on that water balloon…” “This one is from…” […]

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Kids Say The Darndest Things

Who else agrees that one of the best parts of parenting is listening to the crazy things our kids say? We’ve had our share of adorable mispronunciations when they were both little, but nowadays I’m obsessed with the little witty quips they contribute from the back seat. Now, I’m not talking about those boundary-pushing words like […]

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