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Father's Day gifts

Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Dad (Under $50)

I feel like Father’s Day and summer in general have snuck up on us in no time. If you’re reading this, it’s less than a week before Father’s Day and you might not have anything yet. Below is a list of some last-minute gift ideas from my favorite online retailer! With Prime, they’ll be here […]

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if it makes you feel pretty

If It Makes You Feel Pretty, Do It

To some this article may seem vain, but I think being the best version of myself is fundamental to me being the best mother I can be. This includes, but is not limited to, loving myself. I struggled with loving myself before getting pregnant, primarily due to a toxic relationship that did nothing for my […]

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Princess Culture Isn’t Wrong, But…

I love Disney princesses, all of them. My favorite is Belle and always has been. My affection for Disney princess movies will never fade and I absolutely love being able to share that with my daughter. I don’t have a problem with the “princess needs rescuing by her prince” themes or that my three-year-old already […]

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My House is a Home (1)

My House is a Home, Not a Museum

I constantly teeter on the edge between trying to be the “all together mom” and the “realist.” I read a book a month or so ago where the protagonist visited the home of someone that could be described as “royal” or “important.” The writing portrayed awe and astonishment because the home appeared “lived in.” The […]

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DIY Framed Canvas Sign (2)

DIY Framed Canvas Sign

The first I want to tell you before getting into the details of this project, is that the instructions are more time consuming than they look. The first time I did this I thought, “Wow, I’m literally never doing this again!” and then I have proceeded to make more of these signs. So, don’t let […]

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Mom is not my identity

Mom is Not My Identity

Compliments after you enter motherhood include:  You’re a great mom!  Harper has a wonderful mom.  Motherhood looks good on you!  I wish I were as good a mom as you.  I hope someday I’m as good a mom as you are.  You are super mom!  Yep. Thank you so much! Truly, honestly, thank you. Sometimes […]

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