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Kindergarten Round-up: How to Handle Spring Birthdays

Kindergarten Round-up for Knox County Schools is fast approaching, and it falls on Tuesday, April 12. I recently started a dialog with my mommy friends that are also facing this decision and I was surprised that I was basically of a totally different opinion on the matter than most of my peers. If you do […]

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Easy Chicken Tortilla Lasagna

On these cold winter days, don’t you want to come home to a yummy smelling kitchen and have a hot, nutritious and EASY meal for your family? I know I do. So, last week I threw some stuff in the crock-pot and my house smelled amazing ALL DAY! Then, because my family doesn’t always like […]

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The Great Divide

The Great Divide: Parenting Kids 10 Years Apart

It never fails: strangers with only the nicest intentions comment on the HUGE age gap of my children with something like “WOW! You waited a long time!” or “You were almost done, why did you start over?” “Don’t you want boys?” Then there is always the less offensive “Do they have the same dad?” Of […]

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