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Living with a Picky Eater

When my son was 18 months old, I was the mom that probably every other mom hated. I will admit it: My son would literally eat anything. All vegetables. All fruit. Lean protein, including any kind of fish. He still took veggie/fruit pouches on occasion because they were wonderfully convenient when out and about, but […]

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Fall Bucket List

Fall Bucket List

Hello October!! Fall is FINALLY here!! With the arrival of some fall-like temperatures I am officially in the mood for all things flannel, pumpkin, and cozy! I know I am not alone in my love for this incredible season. Fall in East Tennessee is magical and I really do love every single thing about it. […]

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Enjoy the Ride of Parenthood

Enjoy the Ride

We hear it all the time: “One day you will miss this, it goes so fast…” The fact is people say it, because it’s true. I am a pretty emotional person. I cry easily and find that I can get emotionally attached to pretty much anything when it comes to my kids. I have HORDED their […]

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when terrible two's come early (1)

When Terrible Twos Come Early

We’ve all heard it. “Oh, just you wait until the hit the terrible twos!” Terrible twos? How about the terrible, “I decided to lose my mind the second I blew out my candle on my first birthday”?!?! I have very strong willed children. They are active, full of energy, and like to constantly be entertained. […]

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