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When I was a little girl, I had it all planned out. I dreamed of being famous. I was going to be a singer/dancer/model/actress/photojournalist. Never mind trying to tell me that wasn’t an ACTUAL career path. (I’m almost 30, so those were ye olde dark ages before people like the Kardashians became famous for…well…What are […]

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Mama’s Summer Bucket List: this Girl Just Wants to Have {Kid Free} Fun

Summer is the best season, amIright?! Hello, just ask Olaf. Speaking of Olaf…how many times did you watch him and his pals? How many practices, sporting events, band happenings, choir concerts, or school plays did you attend? HOW MUCH LAUNDRY DID YOU WASH? (Bonus points if you only washed the same load once.) How many […]

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