We make these year round, however, with warm weather approaching, homemade popsicles are a sure delight for everyone, especially kids. The best part is, our kids can help us make them. My daughter loves this as she loves making things in the kitchen, then she puts them in the freezer herself…the freezer is on the bottom of the fridge so she can reach it, haha.

Kids can make them and then anticipate and wait until they are ready, then it’s enjoy time! There are a lot of healthy choices out there to buy, but you can “semi-homemake” these as well, to make them an even healthier alternative for our kids. I purchased a couple of inexpensive popsicle holders, one even looks like bugs such as ladybugs. All you do is pour in your juice and/or added ingredients, then pop in the freezer. I always feel better when my child eats these rather than some of the ones she picks out at the store!

Popsicle Idea #1

Random juice: a lot of the times I buy such a big bottle of juice, it takes a while for my daughter to finish it before it gets a little…condensed. So, that is a good way to use up the juice you think may not get finished. Plus you know what’s in it. There are many good healthy juice choices out there. V8 Splash is even a good one, and makes tasty popsicles.

Popsicle Idea #2

Juice but add more to it, such as fruit. You can get a generic brand big bag of fruit of your choice at any grocery store, even organic. Pop a few raspberries in there or peaches. That makes the popsicles look even cooler, plus frozen fruit may be eaten more so by the little ones than non frozen.

Here are a few more specific ideas to make your own:

1) Tart Lime Pops-Combine mashed pears and limeade.

2) Lemon Blueberry Pops-Mash blueberries, add lemon yogurt, and milk.

3) Vanilla Chocolate Pudding Pops-You can mix half chocolate pudding and half vanilla.

4) Mandarin Orange Cream Pops-Mix vanilla ice cream and mandarin orange sections.

5) Pomegranate Yogurt Pops-Mix Pomegranate juice with greek yogurt.

6) Peanut Butter Oreo Pops-Combine whipped cream, cream cheese, and peanut butter oreos.

7) Boston Cream Pie or Strawberry Shortcake Pops-Combine these yogurts (Yoplait makes these flavors) with milk.

8) Nutella Pops-Combine Hazelnut milk or whatever kind of milk you want, plus Nutella.

9) Honeydew Pops-Combine fresh honey dew, sugar, and lime juice.

10) Pina Colada Pops-Combine pineapple chunks with juice, with banana, coconut milk, and 1 tsp. of vanilla.

How are you going to stay super cool this summer? Share your popsicle or frozen treat ideas in the comments!

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