A Note from the Teacher

A Note from the Teacher2Dear Parents of Preschoolers-

As this school year starts and your little one begins prancing into the house with paint, peanut butter and God-knows what else all over their clothes, proudly waving their latest masterpiece in front of your face, (and subsequently getting glitter all over the couch), there are a few things I want you to know.

Because school can be scary for moms and dads.  Whether it’s twice a week for a handful of hours, or every day all week long, you are letting your sweet Angel out of your sight and entrusting their lives and their hearts to a complete stranger.  That’s rough.

Will he be good?  Will she follow directions?  Will he get hurt?  Will she learn?  Will he cry all day?  The questions and worries go on and on…and what about that other adult?  The one I’m leaving my precious baby with?  Will she or he be as wonderful to my child as I am? 

The answer to all of those questions is “Yes”…

and “no”

and that’s okay.

In my years of teaching, and specifically teaching a classroom of six two-year-olds, I’ve learned a lot about kids and their parents.  And I want you to know, even though you can’t be there to wipe every tear, kiss every boo-boo, and remove every obstacle (literal and figurative), your child is in good hands.

So before you go worrying or hovering outside the classroom door, please remember these few things about preschool:

#1. I’m a Teacher First

It’s true.  Parenting is tough.  But then take a whole classroom full of your little ones- all the same age, all going through the same struggles and the same dramas that you see at home?  It’s a whole other ballgame my friend.  Think “herding cats.”  But I promise, I am doing my very best to do two things: keep your child safe and help your child learn.  That may look different from what life is like at home, but I can assure you…your child will return to you with their skull intact (and maybe with a few new songs). You are a fabulous parent.  Thanks for entrusting me to be the best teacher I can be.

#2. I Can’t Wait to Tell You How Good Your Kid Is

Regardless of what happens between the car and the classroom, that little person of yours (angel, hellion, princess, hero…whatever you’re whispering under your breath that day) is actually pretty wonderful.  Yes, she has her moments.  Yes, he tests my limits.  But because I love what I do, I also love your child.  And you can be sure that if I say he or she had a good day, I mean it.  There might be the occasional, “Johnny had a rough day…” BUT all in all, your child is doing great.  And if there is any progress needed, it’s going to happen on my watch.  And I will be excited to let you know about it!

A Note from the Teacher

#3. They are Having a Great Time

I promise.  We all have our days, and these little people are not exempt, but on the whole, preschool is a really, really exciting time for your child!  Watching him interact with other kids.  Seeing her eyes light up when we get out the paints.  Laughing with them on the floor at the end of “Ring around the Rosy.”  Let alone, praising them for the incredible ways they are a learning- eating a good lunch, cleaning up the toys, going to the potty all by themselves, walking in a line, building their vocabulary, learning to share, writing their name, coloring inside the lines…I promise you, I have the best job in the world.

And I am so blessed that your child is a part of it.


Your Child’s Teacher

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  1. Janie August 14, 2014 at 11:26 am #

    Thank you! Awesome input from a teacher’s perspective! And so needed, as #2 had his first day of PreK this week, and I found myself thinking mammy of those same thoughts!

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