A Guide to Knoxville’s Dog Parks

Long before I was a mom to a beautiful baby boy, I was a mom to two little fur-boys. We have always lived on busy streets and have never had a fenced-in backyard. So there is minimal time for the pups to just run free. I love taking them to dog parks because not only do they get a lot of exercise, they also get to socialize with other dogs. Taking your dogs to a dog park is also something that the entire family can enjoy! Sometimes we take lawn chairs and just spend a few hours sitting in the beautiful weather watching the dogs play.


Dog Fancy Magazine named Knoxville the Most Pet Friendly Community in the Southeast in 2011 and we have retained that title ever since!

PetSafe Village Dog Park
10424 PetSafe Way
Knoxville, TN

This one is first on the list because it is (in my opinion) the best. It has pretty much anything your dog could want. The biggest draw is the nice pond where the pooches can take a swim. While this park is sure to be your dog’s favorite, be ready for your dog (and you) to be covered in water, dirt, and mud before you leave! Bring a lot of towels and if feasible, bring a crate to contain your dog in your car if you don’t want mud everywhere!



Dogwood Park at Victor Ashe Park
4901 Bradshaw Road
Knoxville, TN

This park is unique in that it offers a sort-of puppy playground for your four-legged friends. There are tunnels, ramps, and other agility equipment for your dog to enjoy. The other upside to this park is that it is embedded in Victor Ashe Park, which in my opinion, offers one of the best walking routes in Knoxville. There is also nice playground equipment for your human children as well as open fields for soccer, and a pond for fishing.

 PetSafe Dog Park at Tommy Schumpert Park
Fountain City Road
Knoxville, TN

Tommy Schumpert Park is another of my favorites. Like the others, it is divided into small and large dog areas and there is also a pond for your pups to swim in! I like the set up of this park because you can keep your dog away from the pond more easily than at the PetSafe Village Park if you are trying to preserve your clean clothes. The setting of this park is also just very calm. There is a lot of greenery and it is quiet– nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the city noise.



PetSafe Downtown Dog Park
Corner of Summitt Hill Drive and Central Avenue
Knoxville, TN

This park is nice to visit if you are already downtown with your pup. With several dog-friendly patios in Market Square, the addition of this dog park a few years ago definitely helped to boost the draw of bringing your companion downtown. This park has two separate areas: large dog and small dog. There is a nice water fountain for humans and the dogs, and plenty of poop bags! The only two downsides to this park are the lack of parking and the lack of shade. This park can definitely get hot in the middle of summer!

PetSafe Charter Doyle Dog Park
5100 West Martin Mill Pike
South Knoxville, TN

This dog park is divided into small and large dog areas. However, the large dog area is closed at the moment. It appears that they are doing some sort of pipe work on that side. So, all dogs are using the one area. It is a pretty small area and one of my biggest complaints is that there were no poop bags. I have never had this issue at a PetSafe park so I am not sure why there isn’t a dispenser at this one. The rest of the park is pretty nice. It has a nice walking loop, tennis courts, a playground, and bathrooms!


PetSafe Concord Dog Park
10909 S. Northshore Drive
Knoxville, TN

This park is going to be next on my list to visit. According to Outdoor Knoxville, it is the newest dog park in Knoxville. There are 4 acres for you and your pup to enjoy along with a dock with access to the river (rumor has it there is also a dog shower– I mean, how cute is that?!).

 PetSafe Holston River Dog Park
3300 Holston Hills Road
Knoxville, TN

While my dogs and I have not personally enjoyed this park, here is what Outdoor Knoxville has to say:

A new addition to Holston River Park, this beautiful one-acre dog park provides owners with the option of releasing their dogs within either a fenced-in large or small dog section. There is a human water fountain with a dog-level water bowl and spout, benches, and dog waste stations for your convenience. Leashed pups will enjoy a stroll on the beautiful Holston Park Greenway and nature trail that circles the main part of the Holston River Park.

In addition to these great dog parks, you can also find a list of Knoxville’s pet-friendly business {HERE}.

Do you have a favorite dog park in Knoxville? Please share in the comments!

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  1. Matt Johnson June 13, 2018 at 8:46 am #

    There is a dog park over by Powell at Victor Ashe Park. It is a smaller dog park but if you go early like we do you can have it all to yourself! They have water fountains for your pups and obstacle courses. We also like going to the dog park off Bluegrass by Concord Marina.

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