5 Ways To Keep Your Workout Game Strong In February

Many of us consider the new year a clean slate and vow to take our workouts, diets, and budgets to the ultimate level in hopes of having a better year than the one before. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way and those resolutions easily fall by the wayside by the time February rolls around. We at NEIGHBORHOOD barre are here to help keep you toned, lean, and all on a friendly budget in 2016.

NB Class

  1. Find the gym that works for you. Many people think that a boutique fitness studio will break the bank, with some costing upwards of $200/month for unlimited packages. Here is your tip for getting the most out of your package: READ BETWEEN THE LINES and do the math. If you are seeking and experience that will truly change your body and also offer uplifting support for you psyche, look for SPECIALS: New Client, New Mom, Bride, Teacher, Student, Young Professional – there truly is something for everyone and we are committed at ensuring you never pay for time that you do not use. In fact, the average per class cost for unlimited members at Nb is around $8/class – and many are able to get their price down by taking advantage of seasonal specials like the Spring Challenge!
  1. Find a workout buddy. Motivation can truly be found in not wanting to let down your friend or family member. Find a workout buddy and motivate each other so that you never miss a planned workout session.

  1. Don’t sabotage yourself with an unrealistic diet! Finding a balance with food can be tricky. We have a few easy tips to keep you on track and on budget and it starts with cutting the SUGAR! Sugar is the bane of our existence and it can be especially hard with kids. Read labels, and don’t buy it. If you don’t buy it, it will not be in your house to tempt you. And guess what? Your kids don’t need it either! Replace your soda with LaCroix (if you need something bubbly) and if a life without chocolate isn’t a life worth living, then opt for high percentage dark chocolate to help curb the cravings. Can’t get the hang of this ‘juicing’ thing and find yourself dropping $10/day on a smoothie or juice only to find yourself in the Chick-fil-A line two hours later when you are STARVING?! For $5.87, you can swing through Smoothie King for a meal replacement that is all natural and low in sugar – listen carefully, you must order it this way in order for it to be healthy – you want the ‘Nutty Supergrain with NO apple juice.’ Don’t ask, just do it. It’s delicious and has around 350-400 calories, so use for meal replacement only, not a snack.
  1. Retail therapy is a real thing. It’s a fact, buying a cute outfit is motivating whether you wear a power suit for a corporate job or simply cute jeans and booties when running errands. Stay at home moms – how much more productive are you when you curl your hair and get out of your sweats? The same is true for exercise. You don’t have to spend $100 on a pair of leggings to look cute. The outfit below (minus the jacket) is $98 at full retail price! Currently – take 20% off of an entire retail purchase if you sign up for the Spring Challenge.

NB Outfit

  1. Get it done, when you just can’t get it done. There is no shame in working out at home. Kids’ activities often get in the way of our grown-up wants and schedules, so when you simply can’t get it done, do the DVD! Available via neighborhoodbarre.com and amazon.com, Volumes 1 and 2 pair wonderfully to bring you a full body, low impact, high calorie burn workout in the comfort of your own home. Whether you have to miss a day in-studio, or in-studio workouts just simply aren’t realistic for your lifestyle, this is one of the only at-home workouts that will deliver REAL results. Trust us, we’ve tried them all 🙂 NB DVD


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  1. Amber February 8, 2016 at 2:23 pm #

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