Making Sweet Easter Memories

Easter is a holiday with so many sweet traditions. There are things my sister and I did as children that I still remember fondly to this day. I remember the egg hunts with freshly dyed eggs that the dog would try to eat before we found them, the pretty new dresses, the Easter brunches and family.

As a Mom, I wonder sometimes if the things we do as a family every year for holidays make a difference to anyone. I have made an Easter Egg tree every year since the boys were born. I started to wonder if they still wanted to do that — and they did! It’s sometimes the small things like an Easter Egg tree they (and I) won’t forget as they grow up.

{Egg hunts are always a fun tradition. The Knoxville Mom’s Blog has a fantastic hunt every year!}

{Happy Easter! My sister has the great tradition of photographing her triplets every year with the bunnies. It’s really sweet to see the changes every year.}

Being busy Mamas, it can be hard to get some special things together sometimes. Here are a few of my favorite ways to create some Easter memories together:

  1. Make a spring craft together. The egg tree is easy, inexpensive and magical looking. I buy about 18 plastic eggs that are about 3”-4” large and hot glue twine to the top to make an ornament. The boys hang them in a tree in the front yard.
  2. Go to an egg hunt or hide eggs in the yard. The Knoxville Mom’s Blog is having its annual egg hunt at the MUSE and it’s always so much fun!
  3. Take an Easter Bunny picture. These photos are such a sweet way to see how much has changed in a year.
  4. Set the Easter table together. Have the kids make special name cards for everyone that comes to the meal. I always love to see how handwriting changes over time and hang onto those precious little scribbles.

    Easter is such a special time for welcoming spring. What is your favorite memory of Easter? Do you have any favorite traditions?

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  1. Peggy March 23, 2018 at 9:41 am #

    Loved the egg dying, egg hunts, Easter baskets and egg trees.

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