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capsule wardrobe

My Spring Capsule Wardrobe

It’s not unusual for me to try something different with my closet. Two years ago I did the 40 Hanger Project. It was a great way to take some control over my closet. While that was good, it left some holes. The number of clothes I had was fine, but it didn’t all flow together. Now […]

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Online Thrifting

Your Guide to Online Thrifting

Hi, my name is Caitland (hi Caitland), and I have a shopping addiction. Real bad. I get an hour-long lunch break at my job…five minutes of that is scarfing down food so I can spend the other 55 minutes driving to and from stores or shopping from my phone. There is nothing that can lift […]

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thrifty christmas 450

Thrifty Christmas

In December, we celebrate. And it’s not just one day. It’s the entire month. Yes, Decembers’s red & green hues sneak into color schemes as early as November with those Christmas decor enthusiasts and department store sales. And this last calendar month even boasts a holly evergreen kinda beautiful as it spills over into January […]

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Crenshaw Children’s Shop, Great for New Moms! {Giveaway}

Crenshaw Children’s Shop is a Knoxville fixture that has been in The Bearden Shopping Center since 1957, but originally was downtown in the early 1940s. We have been known as the “Grandmothers store,” but over the past several years we have updated our look and brought in a variety or clothing designers to reach the […]

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costumes of a mom square

Costumes of a Mom

Tomorrow. It happens. Buckets and bags bopping down dimly lit streets with front porch pumpkins aglow. Candy consumptions of artificial awesomeness and gooey chocolate caramel stringy stretches too. Eyeliner pencils will create lion noses. Red lipstick will makeshift magically into rosy clown cheeks. Eyes will glimmer a ghostly glow and parents will lug the leftover […]

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summer outfits 450

Fall Out Of Summer

Short.  Not a word one tends to think of when it comes to the Megster.  Be it in height or with words, I am anything but. Yet make that little “sh” word plural and we’ve entered into the promise land, people.  Oh, yes.  Barefooted and blissful.  Meadow larking and daisy pluckin’, I love a good pair of shorts. […]

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Cover Picture

Nani Kalani Dress Review {Giveaway}

It’s not everyday that my little Pirate gets to dress up and feel like a Princess.  But we had a shower for baby brother last week, and thanks to Knoxville mom, Melissa Desmond, and her online boutique Nani Kalani Clothing, my Pickle felt like a Big Sister Princess ALL DAY LONG! I had the privilege of reviewing Nani Kalani’s “Serenity […]

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