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Outskirts of Town Exploring the Fun Surrounding Knox County

On the Outskirts of Town: Exploring the Fun Surrounding Knox County in Clinton {Series}

Whoever said you can never go home again, has clearly never been to Clinton, TN. Because that, my friends, is exactly what I am doing. I haven’t lived there in 17 years (what?), but I’m about to because truly, I can think of no better place to take my family. It just took me a […]

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Tell Them Your Story

Tell Them Your Story

My son tells stories with his whole body. He gets a look when he is telling one. He raises his bushy eyebrows, looks down the tip of his nose, and launches in exuberantly. He has already developed a sense of timing, inflection for emphasis, and sense of humor. He approaches a story wide-eyed. He even […]

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4 Secrets for Functional and Purposeful Spring Cleaning for Your Family

Flowers are blooming. Trees have beautiful buds that are about to turn into big blooms. It’s almost Dogwood time here in Tennessee. The allergies are in full force. The days are warming up. It all adds up to one thing —  spring is here in Knoxville. There are so many great things about spring in East Tennessee. It’s a beautiful time of […]

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you are lovely

The Power of a Podcast: 5 Reasons Moms Need To Listen In

A cleaner home, a more efficient way of grocery shopping, what to say to your child when the bullies lurk, and how to manage a marriage when you can’t even find the match to at least half of the socks in your laundry heap. These are real issues. They’re as authentic as income taxes and […]

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40 Non-Toy Gifts {The Ultimate Non-Toy Gift Guide for ALL Ages}

It’s birthday season! Here’s a freshened up version of my Non-Toy Gift Guide!  Our kids have so many toys. So many. Too many. We have baby toys, toddler toys, trains, cars, golf clubs, hockey sticks, crayons, dump trucks, Legos, baby dolls, princesses, Barbies, Shopkins, and on and on. And multiples of most of them. We are very fortunate and have way […]

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