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All Aboard: Tips for Any Type of Travel with Children

While waiting in the O’Hare airport, an elderly woman looked over, eyes sparkling, a comforting smile on her face. “You have a beautiful family,” she said. Before I could even finish my reply of “Thank you” and whatever else we were going to discuss, my husband shouted “Oh my, ughhh” as he realized our one-year-old […]

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There are the “terrible twos” (aka the tantrum phase of the two-year-old). There is also the “Threenager,” a play on preschoolers having the stubborn attitude of a teenager. I am proposing that there is also the “Fourlosopher” (pronounced: Four-la-so-fer), meaning a deeply thoughtful and curious phase of childhood. This proposition is not something that is […]

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daredevil daughter

Daredevil Daughter

God help me, child, never will I ever forget that evening. Once we got you safely home from the hospital and tucked ever-so-carefully into your bed, I was up for hours. Staring at the ceiling, trying to un-see it. In the 14 years of raising your feral brother, his ER visits frequent enough that I […]

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