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Making Time for Marriage

My husband and I were talking to a friend about how we don’t feel like we have time for each other. We told her things like, “We want to slow down. There are always things to do and people to see. We are go, go, go.” Our friend quickly said, “To be fair, you do […]

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Innovate Your Date Night

Innovate your Date Night, Knoxville

Tired of dinner and a movie? Innovate your date (night) with one of these suggestions (don’t worry, I didn’t even put a single movie theater on my list). Some of these ideas are better suited for specific seasons and times, so make sure to check each place’s business hours, and *ALWAYS* check Groupon and LivingSocial […]

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How to Survive the Roommate Season

If you leap into your husband’s arms when he comes through the door, this post isn’t for you. However, if you begrudgingly hand the baby off to your husband when he comes through the door, this post might be for you. If you find yourselves like ships passing in the night, this post might be […]

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Alphabet Dating | Knoxville Mom's Blog

Alphabet Dating

By informal poll, my husband and I seem to go on more dates than most married couples with three kids. I credit an experiment we started in 2007. At the time, we had recently moved to a small town in South Georgia, and had fallen into a rut of not doing much in the way […]

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What My Husband Could Never Do (4)

What My Husband Could Never Do (and Neither Could Yours)

My husband is an incredible father, y’all. He is hands-on, funny, and can fix/make absolutely anything. He is an amazing provider and a fierce protector. Our trio couldn’t love him more, and seeing him with the kids makes me crazier about him all the time. There is, however, this one thing. For all his virtues, my husband […]

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