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3 Common Practices to Sidestep During Your Pregnancy

Preventing C-Sections: 3 Common Practices to Sidestep During Pregnancy

I’m part of a group of women I call the “Cesarean Sisterhood.” For various reasons, and in consultation with our respective doctors, we each made the decision to have a C-section birth. In my case, my stubborn second son insisted there was no way he was entering the world head first. So, he put his […]

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Midwifery Today: A “Modern Hippie” Hospital Birth

Midwifery Today: A “Modern Hippie” Hospital Birth

While OB/GYNs are still the go-to professionals for infant deliveries in the United States, midwife-attended births are growing in popularity. And the majority of those births now occur in hospitals. I must admit, the first time I heard the word “midwife” I thought of somebody in a peasant blouse and blue jeans, wearing a floral […]

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What My Husband Could Never Do (4)

What My Husband Could Never Do (and Neither Could Yours)

My husband is an incredible father, y’all. He is hands-on, funny, and can fix/make absolutely anything. He is an amazing provider and a fierce protector. Our trio couldn’t love him more, and seeing him with the kids makes me crazier about him all the time. There is, however, this one thing. For all his virtues, my husband […]

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Childhood Speech Apraxia

A Mother’s Worry: My Son Has Childhood Speech Apraxia

As a mother, you always want your children to thrive. You imagine your children saying their first words or starting their very first day of school, making a bunch of new friends, and then telling you all about it when you pick him up. My experience with my son, my first born, has been very different. […]

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What You Should Know About Your Baby’s Spinal Health

Nobody’s surprised when adults complain of back trouble. Yet many people are surprised to learn that babies can have trouble with their spinal health as well. Your baby will never open his mouth and say, “Oh, my aching back!” However, his back trouble will manifest itself in different ways! It’s important to understand the symptoms […]

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