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10 Gift Giving Tips | Knoxville Moms Blog

10 Gift Giving Tips

I love Christmas. I love all the festivities, the lights, and of course GIVING presents. I live and breathe for picking out the perfect gift for family and friends. I typically start brainstorming on December 26th for the next Christmas. It’s my favorite hobby obsession. I know not everyone agrees with my love of gift […]

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The Word I Can't Accept | Knoxville Moms Blog

The Word I Can’t Accept

There are a handful of words that I cannot handle: “sissy” (in regards to sister), “commode,” “hubby” and several I cannot write here. Then there’s the one that just makes me cringe: “DIVA,” especially when referring to a female child and definitely when referring to one of my female children. Let’s take a look into […]

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Just the Girls

Just the Girls

  I grew up in a house full of girls, where I was the youngest of three. Our house was full of bras, tampons, and every flavor of Lip Smacker lip gloss. My poor dad never got the boy to carry on the family name, but he got three girls who provided love, laughs, and […]

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Dear Babysitter | Knoxville Mom's Blog

Dear Babysitter

Living in a town without family nearby and without a ton of contacts (ahem, or people that don’t want to share their babysitter…), we’ve struggled finding the right babysitter for our family. Finding a stranger that you are going to welcome into your home and leave the most important person in your life with is […]

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