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It Took Two Years

The other night I was laying with my little girl while she fell asleep. I was rubbing her back and comforting her while we were snuggled up. It was normal — a totally normal occurrence on a normal night with my little girl. But then I realized that this normalcy wasn’t normal AT ALL! You […]

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Facebook is Nasty

Facebook is nasty. I have no second thoughts about saying that. Apparently with the heated political race, people feel there is no better place to air their grievances than on the walls of their Facebook pages. Conversations — which is a generous way to describe what’s actually taking place — are happening ALL THE TIME […]

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Unique Ways To Gift This Holiday

 Let’s talk about presents. It’s a popular topic this time of year. There are gifts galore and options all around. Stuffed animals that hatch and are hard to find and cost a lot of money. Legos that basically never go on sale. American Girl dolls that my husband cannot wrap his mind around. And don’t […]

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42 Places to Contact When You Move

We spent the last half of the summer moving to a new home. Same city but a new area in it. With three kids, five and under. I thought I had adequately prepared myself for how hard it would be. I was pretty sure that I was set with the proper low expectations. BUT I was […]

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My Family Looks Perfect

My Family Looks Perfect

My family looks perfect. Two parents, three kids. They’re all pretty cute, if I may say so myself. We live in an awesome house, in a wonderful area. My husband has a good job, and I stay home with our young kids. On the surface, we look like we have it all. We look like […]

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What To Do With All Those Pictures

I have 6,050 photos, 176 videos, and 290 kiddo selfies on my phone. They are all from this year. You either think I have a picture problem, or you’re a mom like me who loves taking pictures of her kids. I love having all of these great pictures of my precious littles, and I love […]

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capsule wardrobe

My Spring Capsule Wardrobe

It’s not unusual for me to try something different with my closet. Two years ago I did the 40 Hanger Project. It was a great way to take some control over my closet. While that was good, it left some holes. The number of clothes I had was fine, but it didn’t all flow together. Now […]

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