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Things I Could Afford

Things I Could Afford in Lieu of Childcare

It’s every working mom’s dream. It’s a right of passage. In truth, it’s an occasion that truly deserves it’s own hashtag: #kindgartenroundupmypaycheck (it’s a work in progress; suggestions are appreciated). Cheers, toasts, congratulations, and celebrations are in order the minute the last child graduates from childcare to kindergarten. Money materializes into your bank account, and […]

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Knoxville Summer Activity List

The Best Summer Ever, 2.0

If you want to make a truly great summer, create a summertime theme for your kids. Here’s a theme I’m quite partial to: Make Something Monday, Taste Something Tuesday, Wonder Somewhere Wednesday, Do Something Thoughtful Thursday, and Family Fun Friday (borrowed from here with a list of other great summer ideas).  Out and about Cruze […]

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5 Reasons I Love my Small Car

Size Does Matter: 5 Reasons I Love My Small Car

Once upon a time, I had a minivan. For the first year, it was happily ever after, but eventually, cleaning my car became as much of a chore as cleaning my home. It basically became a second-hand toybox or laundry hamper on wheels. While it wasn’t necessarily my decision to trade it in, rather the […]

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Innovate Your Date Night

Innovate your Date Night, Knoxville

Tired of dinner and a movie? Innovate your date (night) with one of these suggestions (don’t worry, I didn’t even put a single movie theater on my list). Some of these ideas are better suited for specific seasons and times, so make sure to check each place’s business hours, and *ALWAYS* check Groupon and LivingSocial […]

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How to Survive the Roommate Season

If you leap into your husband’s arms when he comes through the door, this post isn’t for you. However, if you begrudgingly hand the baby off to your husband when he comes through the door, this post might be for you. If you find yourselves like ships passing in the night, this post might be […]

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In Defense of Pokemon Go

In Defense of Pokemon Go

I must admit, I gave my husband so much flack for downloading Pokemon Go the second it was released. I rolled my eyes, called him a nerd, and heckled him every time he left the house to go “Catch ’em all.” Sure, I was just as nearly obsessed with the Sims and Rollercoaster Tycoon when […]

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Father's Day Gift Guide 2016

2016 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Men are hard to shop for, aren’t they? If they want something, they usually buy it themselves. I’m fairly lucky to be married to a guy who’s easy to shop for, but just because he’s easy to shop for doesn’t always relieve the pressure of finding the perfect Father’s Day present. I’ve put together a 2016 […]

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The Best Summer Ever Activity List

The Best Summer Ever: A Knoxville Activity List

East TN Historical Society Location: 601 South Gay St. Knoxville, TN 37901 History lives at the Museum of East Tennessee History! Enjoy the award-winning signature exhibit, Voices of the Land: The People of East Tennessee, a moving, artifact-rich journey through more than 300 years of life in East Tennessee. Popular, too, is the East Tennessee Streetscape, a […]

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Stop the Daycare Defamation

“Daycare worker accused of breaking little boy’s leg.” “Daycare under investigation after 4-year-old killed in parking lot accident.” “Daycare under investigation in light of claims that children were mistreated.” “Woman Gets Prison in Child Neglect, Unlicensed Daycare Case.” “Infant Bitten 27 Times, Daycare Shut Down.” “Mom Says Daycare Worker Slapped Her Child.” Yes, these are […]

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