The Anatomy of a Mama Bear

The Anatomy of a Mama Bear (A Highly* Scientific Study)

Sketches courtesy of Taylor Thompson Mama Bear (mɑ•mə bɛr); Et Matrem Ursus Habitat: Mama Bears are remarkably adaptable. Found on every continent in every climate, the only conditions this magnificent creature cannot tolerate are those in which their partner is in control of the thermostat. Temperament: Varied. Typically easy-going unless threatened. Intelligent and resourceful, capable of extreme multitasking. Best […]

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TJ's Main Graphic

Trader Joe’s Knows: A Guide to the Store

Trader Joe’s knows how to run a grocery business. I have shopped at a lot of grocery stores, but TJ’s has been one of my favorite shopping experiences. I almost feel like I’m wandering around on a tropical island (insert employees with Hawaiian shirts) rather than roaming grocery aisles. From the music to the eye-catching artwork, it’s […]

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Summer Routine

Creating a Summer Routine You Can Live With

Congratulations, mamas, you have made it to the end! School is officially out in most of the area, and any stragglers are not far behind. For most families, this is the long-awaited and much-needed reprieve from the relentless routine of early morning wake-ups, late nights of homework and extracurricular activities, and endless obligations for class […]

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Road Trip: Affordable, Close, Fun! {Abingdon, Virginia}

It’s hard to believe, but summer is just days away. No matter how old (or how young) you are there is just a certain something about summertime. Just ask Olaf. Or the Fresh Prince. Freedom, adventure and relaxation. Sigh. For many families (including mine) that means hitting the road for vacation. The beach is a popular […]

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two potties

A Tale of Two Potties

It has truly been both the best and the worst of times. The exhilaration, the taste of emancipation, the success, the celebration… oh, and the poop. I can honestly say that I have never felt the full extent of the triumphs and tribulations of being a MoM (Mom of Multiples) until it came time to […]

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