Smart Toys and Books Birthday Parties

Birthdays Are More Fun at Smart Toys and Books!

If you’re looking for a NEW birthday party destination, Smart Toys and Books has you covered. At Smart Toys and Books, we make parties as easy as 1…2…3. That’s right, you invite the guests and we do the rest. Our Party & Play Package Includes: 1 1/2 hours of Private play on our Interactive Playground 1/2 Hour in our […]

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Knoxville Fall Festivities

Fall Fun Festivities {2016}

Fall officially starts this week and while the current weather would say otherwise, the cooler temperatures and autumn leaves really are coming soon! The time has come to start rearranging your wardrobes, sipping soup, and of course, drinking and eating all things pumpkin. I’m back again today to serve as your virtual tour guide through […]

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Dear Babysitter | Knoxville Mom's Blog

Dear Babysitter

Living in a town without family nearby and without a ton of contacts (ahem, or people that don’t want to share their babysitter…), we’ve struggled finding the right babysitter for our family. Finding a stranger that you are going to welcome into your home and leave the most important person in your life with is […]

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I want to go home


I want to go home. We are in a transition period. We just sold our 5th wheel and are renovating an Airstream to continue our travels. Here we are…stationary…camped out in my parent’s RV during the renovation and I can’t help but want to go home! I’m sure you’re all familiar with the feeling. You […]

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42 Places to Contact When You Move

We spent the last half of the summer moving to a new home. Same city but a new area in it. With three kids, five and under. I thought I had adequately prepared myself for how hard it would be. I was pretty sure that I was set with the proper low expectations. BUT I was […]

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Tis Near Halloween

‘Tis Near Halloween!

“When witches go riding, and black cats are seen, the moon laughs and whispers,  ‘Tis near Halloween!” It’s almost Halloween time in Tennessee! Fall is my favorite time of year, and one of my favorite fun holidays is Halloween. From the spooky decorations to carving pumpkins, Halloween has something for everyone! Knoxville Moms Blog participates […]

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